Mitzi (Wicca Suchin, born 1 December 2012) is our “senior” breeding Queen.  She was bred by Cynthia Hopper (Wicca Cats), and is a lovely example of the Old Style Siamese breed.  She has gorgeous deep blue eyes, dark plain-chocolate markings (she is a seal point) and well-proportioned head and body. She has a wonderful temperament, and is most affectionate.

In line with the recommendations of the GCCF, we do not allow our Queens to have more than three litters of kittens in any two year period.  To the time of this update (August 2017) Mitzi has had five litters, three sired by Pepe and two by Callum; the most recent being five kittens born in March.  We hope that she will have her sixth litter in February 2018.



I fell in love with your blue eyes,
That cold clear gaze of Ancient skies,
Your lovely Grace, your perfect Poise,
Your devilish, Seagull-haunted Noise.
I fell in love for the rest of my days,
With siamese Cats, and their Heavenly ways.

E. Vivien Edmonds


Lally (Chintziam Lalana, born 26 March 2015) is Mitzi’s delightfully scatty daughter!  She has had two litters with Callum, and should have her third this September.  She will then be rested until late next year.


P008Pepe, whose registered name is Lintama Firefox (see Lesley Green’s website:, is the Father of Mitzi’s first three litters.  He is a gorgeous Old Style Siamese seal point, and has fathered many excellent kittens.  He has piercingly clear blue eyes, and dark brown markings.  Now retired from his stud duties, Pepe has settled in his new home with Margaret, in Sale.




Sandypoints Callum of Chintziam (born 30 April 2015 in Harleysville, Pennsylvania) was bred by Sandra Engle (, and came to us in September 2015.  We are really grateful to Sandra for this handsome blue point, with his sweet and affectionate nature.


Pictures of Lally and Callum as kittens can be found in the Gallery.