Kittens for Sale

David’s update – Monday 14 August 2017.   Lally is expecting kittens, due around the middle of next month (September 2017).

We already have a large number of firm enquiries/reservations, so it is unlikely that we will be able to offer one of these kittens to anyone who has not already been in correspondence.  Please be sure, however, that I will always respond to enquiries sent via the Contact page, though there is sometimes a little delay when I am particularly busy.

Mitzi (Lally’s Mother) had five kittens on 16 March, three Seal Points and two Chocolates.  They left us in June.

Looking back (and catching up, as this update has been a long time coming!), Lally delivered her second litter (six kittens) on 1 September 2016, and Mitzi produced another six, on 19 September!   All twelve had left us by around the end of December.

The mating of Lally with Callum, our handsome Blue Point stud boy, can potentially result in kittens having any one of the four basic Siamese point colours: Seal, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac.  On this occasion, she had three Blue Points (all female), one Seal Point (also female) and two male Chocolate Points.

Mitzi’s September 2016 litter (her fourth) consisted of four Seal Points (three of them female) and two Chocolate Points (one girl and one boy).  Once again, Callum is the father of these kittens.  Mitzi does not carry the “dilute” colour recessive gene, so cannot have Blue or Lilac Points.

Lally’s first litter, born in February 2016, all left for their new homes by early June last year.  Callum was also the father of those five kittens, three Blue Points, a Chocolate Point and a Lilac Point.  Callum arrived here in September 2015, coming all the way from Harleysville, Pennsylvania USA, where he was bred by Sandra Engle at the Sandypoints Cattery.  There are pictures in the Gallery, including one of Callum at his soppiest!

The Gallery picture of Lally, taken in a beech tree when she was seven months old, required delicate balancing with the camera!  She and Callum were lovely (and very lively) playmates for some time after he arrived (there is a picture of them together in the Gallery), and they have produced two litters of healthy Old Style Siamese kittens, with a third expected.

Pictures of all five of Mitzi’s March 2015 litter, at 12 weeks old, are in the Gallery, as well as outdoor shots of Lally and her Mum.  One shows Lally sporting her splendid purple jacket, beautifully made by Maria (

Mitzi’s previous litter of four boys and two girls, born in early August 2014, all went to their new owners towards the end of that year. They are now in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Sweden (two boys together).  Please see the Gallery for pictures.

Pictures in the Gallery are generally arranged in date sequence, from top to bottom.  It is always a pleasure to receive “follow-up” pictures from some of the kittens’ new owners, and each of these has been grouped with the appropriate litter.

All kittens leaving here, at around thirteen weeks, are vaccinated (excluding leukaemia), vet checked, wormed, flea treated, and have one month’s pet insurance. They will be registered with the GCCF, and will have a  five generation pedigree. A “goodie” bag is also included. They will also be well socialised, as they all get used to the usual household appliances (including the hated vacuum cleaner!), several lively grandchildren, as well as to various visitors, and everyday household noise.

Our adult cats have the freedom of the garden, thanks to Freedom Fence pet containment system, and potential new owners are encouraged to consider some type of special fencing or other arrangement, where that is feasible, to allow the cat freedom to enjoy all of the benefits of being outdoors, whilst staying safe from road traffic and other hazards.